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Here is what your users are saying...
This report is too long and I can't make informed decisions readilyToo much data with limited meaning
How do I quickly identify risks and opportunitiesHelp me manage my business through exceptions
I want to create my own report and not go to IT everytimeMake me self-sufficient
I don't trust this dataMultiple versions of truth are floating around....fix the data quality
If only I had known this beforeLack of timeliness in the data
I still need to download this to my spreadsheets to compile all of thisLack of completeness in the data
This is too complex and it doesn't help meBI Solutions aren't intuitive
Planning and budgeting is the same song and dance every timeNeed trusted tools for planning and budgeting
More data, more need for Business Analytics and more demand from users is what is guaranteed in the future Can you imagine handling future demand for Analytics with these current issues?
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