About Promorphics

AppStax, Big Data Your Way

We Think its Your Choice

We believe one size doesn’t fit all.  You choose the compute cloud provider, dashboard application, and web-based applications – We provide you the most revolutionary, versatile and powerful big data operational and analytics Platform-as-a-Service: AppStaxTM, powered by Datastax.

You have made significant investments in your current IT architecture.  To leverage that investment, your big data initiative should work within your current IT architecture.  We don’t think you should have to rip and replace to implement your big data initiative.  Our flexible and non-intrusive architecture works with your systems already in place. 


How Do We Do It?

We've turned the traditional up-front requirements gathering and data modeling approach on its head. Why? Because today?s open-source best of breed databases and technologies allow us to. And our decade of experience implementing analytics solutions has taught us "we can't model what we don't yet know". Trying to do so makes your big data irrelevant.

AppStax, powered by Datastax, is our industry-defining Middle Layer Platform-as-a-Service that eliminates the long and complex process of modeling the data and defining queries beforehand. Our powerful and flexible middle layer of the big data stack does the heavy lifting for you.

The AppStax pre-built and flexible Time Series data model supports unlimited types of data and sources -- quickly and easily mash-up traditional applications data with external third party unstructured, and social media data. Not sure which data sets you want to mash-up? No problem. Load your data as you need it.

Our Approach? Iterate, Iterate, Iterate!

We enable business users and data scientists to ask questions and run unlimited scenarios. In big data "to iterate" means to uncover your most relevant information. AppStax gives you the ability to quickly pivot the questions you ask of your data without calling in IT with each iteration.


How Do I Get There?

Becoming a true data-driven organization is a journey, and with AppStax the value and insights are immediate. We want you to see for yourself. Sign up to create your AppStax account and test-drive a complimentary version today.