About Promorphics

Why Big Data

The world has changed, everything is made up of bytes and pixels. With billions of devices, sensors and apps there is constant flow of data.

Change will be constant and faster than ever. Internet connects everything, everywhere. Time/Speed is the new gold standard. To survive and succeed, one needs to combine speed with intelligence in order to gain unfair advantage.

Combination of massive amounts of Data with new Analytic algorithms is the new global currency. Ability to capture, store and analyzing massive volumes of data at greater speed to attract, retain customers, shape their behaviors, reduce enterprise risks at lower costs was never possible.

BIG DATA was originally laboratory science experiment and it was extremely complex to integrate, deploy, operate and manage. TODAY, technologies like Hadoop have gone from being an open source phenomenon to literally household name among technical and business people.

Three distinct value drivers to look for while selecting and implementing a Big Data Technology are: Better Price Performance, Faster Time to Value and Continuous Transformation.

BIG DATA Technologies & Programs need to deliver: Extreme Speed, Extreme Scale and Extreme Agility to continuously deliver the Transformational Value.

Big Data technologies are a great combination of open-source and commercial software. Combining this with industry specific need to drive value and innovation out of the data to add to the topline, increase efficiencies makes it a complex undertaking. There is no one size that fits every business.